Editor’s Choice Awards 2018, Part One – Gadgets

Best Smart Home Product

Winner: Lenovo Smart Display

While we were impressed by Google’s own Home Hub, Lenovo’s Smart Display built on the potential of the category in such strong form that we can’t help but recommend it over its Made By Google counterpart. It’s got a bigger, brighter screen and a significantly better sound to it.

As for why the Lenovo’s first Smart Display beats out some of the other audio-first offering on the list, the reality is that visual dimension here really does feel like the next frontier for the category. Smart Assistant experiences are finally making the leap to screens, and it’s an exciting evolution to behold.

You can read our full review of the Lenovo Smart Display here.

Runner Up: Google Home Max (review here)

At some point, the story for the Series 4 Apple Watch gets to be a little too similar to that of the Series 3. It’s still a pretty iterative evolution of the previous Apple Watch. It’s still quantifiably better in form and function than all the other options. Apple just get the appeal of a smartwatch in a way that most other brands just don’t.

It’s one thing to earn a throne, it’s quite another to keep it – but Apple have continued to do exactly that in the smartwatch space in 2018.