The Funny Thing About Niantic Expanding Pokémon Storage In ‘Pokémon GO’

Pokémon GO

And just moments after concerns started to mount again, it appears like Niantic has heard the Pokémon GO community. We were just wondering how we were going to manage storing two entirely new types of Pokémon–shadow and purified–when we were already concerned with four full generations worth of creatures, plus shinies and luckies. It was beginning to strain our collections, but we’ve been granted a repreieve. Niantic announced yesterday that it would be increasing Pokémon storage to 2500:

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This was a problem for a very particular sort of Pokémon GO player, which I have now become. I used to be a Pokédex-oriented player: so long as I caught it and it was registered in my Pokédex, that was good enough for me. Now I want to have a living Pokédex, meaning that I want to have all of them actually sitting in my collection. And I usually want to have an extra, too, just in case I need one for a trade or for some other, werid reason. You never know! Nobody gets that far in this game without mild hoarder tendencies.

It is an enviable position that Niantic is in, and something like this move really underlines that. It’s worth noting that nothing here automatically upgrades your Pokémon Storage: it’s a microtransaction, just like it’s always been. And it’s a decently expensive one at that, particularly if you want to take things all the way up to the max storage of 2500.

This feels like what restrained microtransactions are capable of. Pokémon GO has a whole lot more ways to spend money than it did at launch, but it’s still limited compared to most every other game on the market. That’s why people are willing not only to welcome but to celebrate the arrival of a new one: they feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. Compare this to, I don’t know, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which was over-monetized from the get-go. If people feel like they’re being bilked, they’re not going to be happy about the chance to spend more money. IF they feel like they’re spending on fair, reasonable options, they’ll be fine with it.